Wedding Registry

We are vagabonds at heart living in a tiny home, less than 480ft2 and traveling every chance we get! We have a small registry but we encourage you to help us with our next big adventure, support our adult fund or give gifts to people in need.


We have recently packed up our apartment and are moving to NYC to continue our journey. After packing up we have made a registry of some staples that we need. Thanks for your help and making our new home comfortable and cosy.

Adventure Fund

We have all of the things we need in our lives, but we always need more memories. After our wedding we are going to South America, visiting new countries, finding new adventures and making our first memories as a married couple. To donate to our adventure fund, see our paypal account here:

Adult Fund

Not everyone supports the vagabond lifestyle and we understand that. If you want to give us money to contribute to a future mortgage, retirement and life in gneral, you can do that here:

Give Back

We are blessed to have everything we need for our lives, but so many people around the world are not. Please visit our Heifer International where you can buy livestock, medical equipment and other necessities for families in need around the world.